Yours Packaging is an integrated enterprise of industry and trade. We are alibaba and SGS official certification gold strength merchant has 3 automatic positioning heaven and Earth covers, 1 Heidelberg Printing Machine, 1 Tai Folding box automatic machine, and a sales team with good pre-and post-sales service, every year to participate in overseas outreach, our business philosophy is dedicated to customer service, customer first values,our characteristics are as follows:

  • 1. Flexible order quantity: MOQ: more than 500.
  • 2. Excellent quality: 5 quality inspection personnel, each production process and process are checked, The main service countries are Germany, Japan, the United States, Singapore, the main service industries are food packaging, cosmetics packaging, bank gifts, medical equipment packaging, etc.
  • 3. Timely delivery: 5 days for normal samples, 15-20 days for normal bulk goods.
  • 4. Controllable production capacity: 2000 square meters of production workshop, 20000 boxes and 20000 paper bags per day.
  • 5 Production automation and Mechanization: there are more than 30 machines for producing all kinds of boxes and paper products.
  • 6. Personnel Specialty: there are 6 business orders, more than 4 machines with more than 3 years of experience in the industry, more than 60 production workers with more than 3 years of experience, 48 machines with more than 3 years of experience, 5 product inspection machines and 4 machines with more than 3 years of experience.
  • 7. Efficient service: and Alibaba high-end has served more than 2000 customized foreign customers and 20000 orders in 6 years.


Our factory began to engage in paper products packaging trade in 2007. Since the factory was founded in 2014, our factory has rich packaging production experience, and has automatic machines to reduce production costs and improve the ability to accept orders and deliver goods. Its quality is well-known at home and all over the world.We started to operate paper products packaging in 2007 and set up a factory in 2014. So far we have participated in various packaging exhibitions; we have participated in 3 Coca-Cola 26-kilometer hiking public welfare activities.